Restaurant Evropa 

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The Evropa restaurant


The ordering window is open in 

Buzulucká Street every day 

from 11:00 to 20:00

You can order through telephone number +420 973 211 445


Peas with fried bread and smoked meat 35,-

150g Stewed beef with garlic and bacon, penne 116,- 

150g Pork kohlrabi, potatoes 98,- 

150g Roast turkey roulade, pea rice 99,-


Onion soup with watercress 35,-

150g Fried burgers, boiled potatoes, cucumber 96,-

150g Pork steak with ham, bacon, cucumber and egg, French fries 112,-

120g Bulgur with chicken, vegetables and cheese, cucumber 98,-


Russian borscht 35,-

150gChicken fillet on garlic, steamed rice 98,-

200g pork sausage-meat, potatoes with sauerkraut and onion 99,- 

150g Beef sirloin in cream, bread dumplings, cranberry target 126,-


Cauliflower soup with egg 35,-

150g Roast pork knuckle on hot peppers, boiled potatoes 98,-

350g Gnocchi with spinach leaves and goat cheese sauce 126,- 

150g Chicken roll with wine sauce, steamed rice 112,-

FRIDAY 12.3.

Soup with parsley, pasta, cream and eggs 35,-

220g Chicken leg on paprika, fusilli 98,-

120g Potato pancakes with smoked meat, Sauerkraut 96,- 

150g Mutton and pork cones, roasted potatoes 119,-

Food box 10,-

Food box for soup 5,-

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Opening hours 
Monday - Saturday  11:00 - 22:00
Sunday  11:00 - 20:00